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    Wood Glue

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    Picture of 5 Minute Polyurethane Wood Glue Gel - 310ml

    5 Minute Polyurethane Wood Glue Gel - 310ml

    The Everbuild Lumberjack 5min Polyurethane Wood Adhesive offers exceptional bond strength to wood and most common building surfaces. Suitable for bonding all common wood types (hard, soft, exotic, painted). It will also bond Formica, polystyrene, PU foam, metal and glass wool and various plastics (including PVC) to porous surfaces. These products also adhere to stone, concrete, brick and masonry. Products foam slightly on application to fill small gaps and increase overall bond strength.

    Suitable for both internal and external use, with excellent weathering and ageing properties. They are also resistant to chemicals. Conforms to EN 204. D4 Strength.

    Areas For Use

    • General wood jointing and construction
    • Window and door frame manufacture
    • Door manufacture
    • Furniture manufacture
    • Construction of staircases and ladders
    • As a high quality insulation adhesive for foam/glass wool/fibre boarding

    The Everbuild Lumberjack 5min Polyurethane Wood Adhesive Gel is a thixotropic, transparent, gap filling gel which sets hard in just 5 minutes. Particularly suitable for equipment manufacture and production line applications where rapid handling is required. Conforms to EN 204. D4 Strength.
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    Picture of 500ml Wood Adhesive

    500ml Wood Adhesive

    Everbuild 502 All Purpose Weatherproof Wood Adhesive is an effective resin based adhesive for all wood bonding. Suitable for internal and external use, it provides a high strength, impact resistant bond.
    Ideal for all general woodworking and joinery uses, this adhesive is fast curing and dries clear.
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    £5.41 Exc. VAT

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