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    Packing Strip For 1.8m European Panels

    A single 15mm thick timber packing strip, used to increase the width of 1800mm wide fence panels to 1830mm (6').

    Fence panels manufactured in the U.K. are normally 6' wide (1830mm), fence panels manufactured in European countries are normally 1800mm wide. Packing strips can be attached to both sides of fence panels to increase their width from 1800mm to 1830mm, this enables 1800mm panels to fit between posts that were installed to suit 1830mm ( 6' ) wide panels.

    Packing strips are also needed if 1800mm wide fence panels are being fitted with 1830mm concrete gravel boards.

    Two Packing Strips are required per fence panel, attach them to the panel with 30mm panel pins or screws.
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    Elevate Your Fence Panels with Precision: Introducing the Packing Strip for 1.8m European Panels!

    Enhance the adaptability and functionality of your fence panels with our 15mm thick timber packing strip. Designed to perfection, this packing strip serves as a smart solution to transform 1800mm wide fence panels into 1830mm (6') wide ones, ensuring a seamless fit between your posts and creating a consistent look for your fencing.

    Key Features:

    Seamless Transition: Fence panels come in varying widths based on their origin. U.K. manufactured panels typically measure 1830mm (6') wide, while panels from European countries are usually 1800mm wide. Our packing strip seamlessly bridges this width gap by increasing the width of your 1800mm panel to a standard 1830mm width. This ensures a perfect fit between your existing posts intended for 1830mm wide panels.

    Versatile Application: When pairing 1800mm wide fence panels with 1830mm concrete gravel boards, our packing strip becomes an indispensable accessory. It guarantees a uniform appearance and a secure fit, ensuring that your fencing solution remains both sturdy and visually pleasing.

    Effortless Attachment: For optimal performance, two packing strips are required per fence panel. Attach them with 30mm panel pins or screws to create a secure and stable fencing solution. The simple attachment process guarantees a hassle-free installation.

    Discover the precision and convenience of the Packing Strip for 1.8m European Panels. Whether you're accommodating varying panel widths or aiming to achieve a seamless fit with concrete gravel boards, this accessory ensures flawless results. Upgrade your fencing experience today and unlock the potential of adaptable, functional, and visually pleasing fence panels.

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    Products specifications
    Length1800mm (1.8m)
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    Milano Panel 1800mm (6')

    The Milano fence panel is a good quality, well-made, decorative fence panel. It looks the same from both sides; perfect for shared boundaries. These panels are constructed with ‘hit & miss’ slats that allow wind to pass through. This panel has a smooth machined finish and is pressure treated green.

    Height: 1800mm (approx. 6')
    Width: 1800mm
    Depth: 45mm

    Please note: This panel is 1800mm wide, not 1829mm (6’), you can increase the panel width to 1829mm by attaching panel packing strips, sold separately.
    Stock Availability: 24 in stock
    £79.90 Inc. VAT
    Picture of Premium Overlap Panel 1829mm (6')

    Premium Overlap Panel 1829mm (6')

    A premium quality Overlap Panel which is built to last.

    Height: 1829mm (6')
    Width: 1829mm (6')

    - Fully pressure treated panels
    - Nailed construction
    - Straight-edge, horizontal, sawn-finish slats
    - Five vertical battens on both sides (approx. 18 x 38mm)
    - Framed top and bottom on both sides (approx. 18 x 38mm)
    - Finished and protected with a top capping strip
    - These panels look the same from both sides, perfect for shared boundaries
    - Manufactured in the U.K.
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    Picture of Coarse Rapid Setting Post-Mix 20kg

    Coarse Rapid Setting Post-Mix 20kg

    Rapid setting post hole concrete, suitable for fixing all types of wooden, metal and concrete posts.

    Post Mix is a pre-blended, quick setting concrete mix, which sets in approximately 10 minutes after mixing with water (depending on ambient temperature).
    Simply half fill the hole with water, then pour the post mix in.

    Fencing contractors typically allow 1½ to 2 bags per fence post (this varies depending on the hole and post size).

    We offer 33% discount on post-mix when you pay & collect in store!
    Stock Availability: 1832 in stock
    £8.22 Inc. VAT
    Picture of 300mm x 1.83m Concrete Gravel Board

    300mm x 1.83m Concrete Gravel Board

    Concrete gravel boards slot between concrete posts to give fence panels a level surface to sit on. It is beneficial to use gravel boards if the ground is sloping; the gravel board is dug into the ground to create a level surface instead of digging in the fence panel. Raising the panel on a gravel board will help prevent rot caused by ground moisture, gravel boards also help to prevent damage to fence panels caused by lawn mowers and strimmers.

    - Dimensions: 45mm x 300mm x 1829mm
    - 44kg Each
    - C50 Concrete (a strong mix)
    - Three 5.5mm rebar set inside.
    Stock Availability: 227 in stock
    £29.11 Inc. VAT
    Picture of 2.4m Slotted Concrete Post

    2.4m Slotted Concrete Post

    2.4m slotted intermediate concrete post; fully slotted on both sides for timber fence panels and concrete gravel boards. Most fence panels will fit this post; check the slot dimensions below.

    - Post Dimensions: 90mm x 110mm x 2400mm
    - Slot Dimensions: 55mm (tapering to 50mm) x 23mm
    - 46kg Each
    - C50 Concrete (a strong mix)
    - Four 5.5mm rebar set inside
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    Picture of 4.0 x 40mm Spax Wirox Woodscrews - Box 200

    4.0 x 40mm Spax Wirox Woodscrews - Box 200

    High performance Torx-drive wood screws, made in Germany. The Wirox coating gives a high level of protection against corrosion and is more environmentally friendly than conventional finishes as it is free from chromium-VI. The 4CUT point eliminates the need to pre-drill and reduces splitting during insertion.

    - Box of 200 screws
    - Suitable for internal & external use
    - TX20 Torx screwdriver drive, bits sold separately
    Stock Availability: 11 in stock
    £7.74 Inc. VAT