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    Postsaver Application Roller includes 2 Foam Sleeves

    Manufacturer: Postsaver
    Availability: 6 in stock
    £3.76 incl VAT
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    Adjustable Reinforced Angle Bracket - EFIXR553

    Stock Availability: 241 in stock
    £0.65 incl VAT

    Arris Rail Bracket - Galvanised

    Galvanized metal bracket for fixing arris (triangular) rail onto a post without notches.
    Stock Availability: 660 in stock
    £0.98 incl VAT

    Perry Side Gate Fixing Kit - Galvanised (Includes Pair Of T-Hinges, Brenton Bolt & Ring Latch)

    This kit includes a pair of 450mm tee hinges, a 150mm brenton padbolt, a 150mm plain ring latch & all of the screws required to fit them.
    Perfect for hanging most of our timber garden gates.
    Stock Availability: 104 in stock
    £24.86 incl VAT

    M10 x 150mm Thunder Bolt

    A self tapping bolt suitable for concrete, stone, brick, marble, wood and block (solid or hollow). Safe anchorage achieved without the need of high tightening forces. Can be removed and re-fixed into the same hole, providing the thread is correctly aligned. No expansion forces enables close to the edge fixing.

    Drill Bit Dia. - 10mm
    Anchor Length - 150mm
    Washer Size - 12mm (M12)
    Min Hole Depth - 70mm
    Min Over Drill Depth - 20mm
    Min. Embed Depth - 50mm
    Max. Fixture Thickness - 100mm
    Drill Bit Dia. for clearance - 12mm (to prevent binding when tightening bolt)
    Head Type - Hex Head, 17mm (Across Flats)
    Driver Type - Impact driver, socket, spanner
    Max Tightening Torque - 60Nm
    Stock Availability: 126 in stock
    From £1.70 incl VAT

    50mm Euro Long Throw Lock - Key Thumb Turn -Keyed Alike

    The new & improved long throw gate lock with high security Euro Profile 6-pin barrel.
    Closing into an anti-rattle keep, the grade 316 stainless steel shoot bolt has a hardened core.

    Stainless steel security screws included.
    Stock Availability: 4 in stock
    £46.64 incl VAT

    25 x 50mm x 3.9m Planed Eased Corners - Treated

    Build your own contemporary slatted screen fencing. Create heavy duty and decorative screens, perfect for fence panels to obscure visibility, pergola shade screens, a modern style of panel & wall tops.

    - Planed all round timber, with 4 eased (rounded) corners
    - Machined from 25 x 50mm, finished size 20 x 45mm
    - High quality, slow grown redwood
    - Pressure Treated green, 15 year Treat-Right Warranty, details in Downloads tab below
    - 18.2 linear metres needed to cover 1m², this is based on a 10mm gap between slats

    If you aren't sure what you need for your screening project, please get in touch.
    Stock Availability: 1460 in stock
    £5.80 incl VAT