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    Madrid Panel (Bell Top) 1800mm (6')

    The Madrid fence panel is a good quality, well-made, decorative fence panel. It looks the same from both sides; perfect for shared boundaries. These panels are constructed with ‘hit & miss’ slats that allow wind to pass through. This panel has a smooth machined finish and is pressure treated green.

    Height; middle of curve: 1800mm (approx. 6')
    Height; edge of curve: 1600mm
    Width: 1800mm
    Depth: 45mm

    Please note this panel is 1800mm wide, not 1829mm (6’), you can increase the panel width to 1829mm by attaching panel packing strips, sold separately.
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    Introducing the Madrid Panel (Bell Top) 1800mm (6') - Elevate Your Boundaries with Timeless Elegance!

    Discover the Madrid fence panel – a testament to quality craftsmanship and impeccable design. This decorative panel is not just a barrier; it's a work of art that seamlessly blends aesthetics and functionality. Perfect for shared boundaries, the Madrid panel presents a consistent look from both sides, creating a harmonious atmosphere in your outdoor space.


    • Height (Middle of Curve): 1800mm (approx. 6')

    • Height (Edge of Curve): 1600mm

    • Width: 1800mm

    • Depth: 45mm

    Key Features:

    Elegant Symmetry: The Madrid fence panel boasts a timeless beauty that is identical on both sides. Its design is carefully curated to enhance shared boundaries, creating a sense of unity in your outdoor surroundings.

    Wind-Friendly Construction: Crafted with 'hit & miss' slats, this panel allows the gentle flow of wind while maintaining the privacy you value. A marriage of form and function, it's a practical solution for breezy environments.

    Smooth Machined Finish: Featuring a polished and machined appearance, the Madrid panel adds an air of sophistication to your outdoor sanctuary. Its refined finish elevates the overall aesthetic appeal of your property.

    Durability in Green: Pressure treated in a lush green hue, this panel is designed to withstand the test of time. With its enduring charm, the Madrid panel is not only a beautiful addition but also a lasting investment.

    Please note that the panel width is 1800mm and not 1829mm (6'). However, if you desire the wider dimension, you can effortlessly expand it to 1829mm by attaching panel packing strips, available separately.

    Embrace the elegance of the Madrid Panel (Bell Top) 1800mm (6') and redefine your outdoor boundaries. Beyond its decorative appeal, this panel encapsulates the essence of meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful design. Whether for shared spaces or personal sanctuaries, the Madrid panel is a choice that embodies both beauty and practicality, a true enhancement to your outdoor experience.

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