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    Firring Strips

    Firring strips are tapered lengths of timber which are fixed to the rafters of flat roofs and then covered in a sheet material, typically tongue & groove OSB (oriented strand board). Firrings are used to create a gradient, allowing water to drain from the roof.

    At Bendrey Bros, we cut firring strips to order. Roofs come in all shapes and sizes, we'll cut the right size of firrings for your project. Typical lead time is 1-2 days, possibly sooner if required.


    As standard, firring strips are cut at 45mm wide, they normally taper from a thick end (e.g. 70mm) down to nothing (0mm). We recommend that firring strips are produced with a minimum pitch of 1 degree. Most firring sizes will be supplied in two pieces that join in the middle, short firrings may be supplied in one piece, extra long firrings may be supplied in more than two pieces.


    The list below shows maximum firring strip lengths based on typical firring heights and a 1 degree fall:

    Firring SizeMaximum Length
    45mm → 0mm
    70mm → 0mm4.0m
    95mm → 0mm5.4m
    120mm → 0mm6.8m
    145mm → 0mm8.3m
    170mm → 0mm9.7m
    195mm → 0mm11.5m
    220mm → 0mm12.6m

    All sizes are cut to order & bespoke, we can produce almost any size of firring that you may need.

    Contact us for prices & availability. Collect from our yard in Bristol or local deliveries available.


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