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    Dewalt 57 Pce Drill & Bit Set

    Manufacturer: Dewalt
    7 x Brad Point Bits
    6 x Extreme Flat Bits
    5 x 25mm Phillips Bits
    5 x 25mm Pozidriv Bits
    29 x 25mm TORX Bits
    1 x 50mm Phillips Bit
    1 x 50mm Pozidriv Bit
    1 x 50mm TORX Bit
    1 x Magnetic Bit Holder
    1 x Magnetic Drive Guide

    Full contents listed in full description below.
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    £24.99 Exc. VAT
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    This Dewalt drill & bit set is supplied in a TOUGH CASE+, this is part of a connectable case system that is TSTAK™ compatible. Individual TOUGH CASES can be clipped together for easy transportation.


    Brad Point Bits:

    1x 3mm

    1x 4mm

    1x 5mm

    1x 6mm

    1x 8mm

    1x 10mm

    1x 12mm

    Extreme Flat Bits:

    1x 12mm

    1x 14mm

    1x 16mm

    1x 20mm

    1x 22mm

    1x 25mm

    Phillips Screwdriver Bits:

    1x PH1 x25mm

    3x PH2 x25mm

    1x PH2 x50mm

    1x PH3 x25mm

    Pozidriv Screwdriver Bits:

    1x PZ1 x25mm

    3x PZ2 x25mm

    1x PZ2 x50mm

    1x PZ3 x25mm

    TORX Screwdriver Bits:

    1x TX15 x25mm

    22x TX20 x25mm

    1x TX20 x50mm

    4x TX25 x25mm

    1x TX30 x25mm

    1x TX40 x25mm

    1 x Magnetic Bit Holder

    1 x Magnetic Drive Guide
    Products specifications
    Screwdriver Bit TypeMixed Set
    Screwdriver Bit TypePozi - PZ1
    Screwdriver Bit TypePozi - PZ2
    Screwdriver Bit TypePozi - PZ3
    Screwdriver Bit TypeTorx® - TX15
    Screwdriver Bit TypeTorx® - TX20
    Screwdriver Bit TypeTorx® - TX25
    Screwdriver Bit TypeTorx® - TX30
    Screwdriver Bit TypePhillips - PH1
    Screwdriver Bit TypePhillips - PH2
    Screwdriver Bit TypePhillips - PH3
    Pack Size57
    Screwdriver Bit TypeTorx® - TX40