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    (0) DIY Decking Tips: Building the Perfect Outdoor Space
    Transform your outdoor space with our expert DIY decking tips. From materials to building techniques, create a stunning outdoor space with Bendrey Bros!
    (0) Transform Your Home With Timber Cladding
    From sleek modern designs to rustic charm, let's explore how timber cladding can transform your home inside and out.
    10 Creative Uses for Timber Sleepers
    Discover 10 creative ways to repurpose timber sleepers in your landscaping projects. From garden edging, outdoor furniture, art installations and more.
    Company Statement Ref. Site Development at The Sawmills, Bath Road, Bridgeyate
    Read our company statement regarding development on our site in Bridgeyate.
    The Art of Fence Maintenance: A Comprehensive Guide for Long-Lasting Fencing
    Discover the key to long-lasting fencing with our comprehensive guide on fence maintenance, from cleaning, repairing, and preventing common issues.
    Product comparison: Standard Overlap Panels vs Premium Overlap Panels
    Compare our two ranges of pressure treated Overlap Fence Panels.
    Softwood vs. Hardwood: What's the Difference?
    Explore the world of softwood vs. hardwood and learn about the characteristics, strengths, and uses of each type to help you with your next project.
    10 Decking Design Ideas
    If you're looking to install decking you may be curious as to which decking design is the right one for you and your garden. Read more to find out.
    A Basic Guide To Decking Maintenance
    Here we explore the importance of maintaining your deck, how to care for different types of decking material, and provide you with some valuable advice to keep your outdoor space in top condition.
    The Different Types of Hot Tub Decking
    When it comes to turning your garden into a sanctuary of relaxation and entertainment, the addition of a hot tub is at the top of the list for many, but have you thought about hot tub decking?