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    75mm Galvanised Wire Nails - 1kg Bag (Approx. 150)

    General purpose galvanised nails.
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    £5.99 incl VAT
    i h
    General purpose galvanised nails.
    Products specifications
    Diameter (mm)3.75
    Length (mm)75 mm
    Nail typeWire
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    1.65m x 125mm Featheredge Board

    Feather-edge boards are tapered boards that are vertically lapped to form a solid fence.
    Feather-edge can also be fitted horizontally as a budget cladding.

    - 10 boards to cover one linear metre (25mm overlap)
    - Cut from 22 x 125mm
    - Finished size approx. 12mm on thick edge tapering to 6mm on thin edge
    - Homegrown Spruce
    - Sawn finish
    - Pressure treated green
    Stock Availability: 6665 in stock
    £1.80 incl VAT

    Coarse Rapid Setting Post-Mix 20kg

    Rapid setting post hole concrete, suitable for fixing all types of wooden, metal and concrete posts.

    Post Mix is a pre-blended, quick setting concrete mix, which sets in approximately 10 minutes after mixing with water (depending on ambient temperature).
    Simply half fill the hole with water, then pour the post mix in.

    Fencing contractors typically allow 1½ to 2 bags per fence post (this varies depending on the hole and post size).

    We offer 33% discount on post-mix when you pay & collect in store!
    Stock Availability: 3456 in stock
    £7.98 incl VAT

    38 x 88mm x 3.6m Sawn Treated Rail

    Commonly used for post & rail fencing, as well as as feather-edge fencing, our sawn finish 38 x 88mm rails are pressure treated green.
    This size of timber is often referred to as "motorway rail".
    Stock Availability: 683 in stock
    £10.36 incl VAT

    100 x 100mm x 2.4m Sawn Treated Post

    General purpose, pressure treated, sawn finish timber. Mainly used as fence posts but could have many other uses.

    - Dimensions: 100 x 100mm x 2.4m
    - Sawn Finish
    - Homegrown Softwood, locally produced in the UK
    - Pressure Treated - Green
    Stock Availability: 973 in stock
    £18.44 incl VAT

    7.5 x 152mm Masonry Screw

    Masonry screws are used for fixing into concrete, brick and stone. Simply drill a 6mm hole into the masonry and tighten the screw with a T30 (Torx) bit using an impact driver, drill or electric screwdriver. The screw will tap its own thread into the hole, no plug or resin needed!
    Stock Availability: 257 in stock
    From £0.29 incl VAT

    22 x 150mm x 1.83m Treated

    General purpose, pressure treated, sawn timber boards with many uses. Perfect for path and garden border edging, fencing gravel boards, heavy duty 'hit and miss' fencing slats and Yorkshire board cladding.

    - Dimensions: 22 x 150mm x 1.83m
    - Sawn Finish
    - Homegrown Softwood, locally produced in the UK
    - Pressure Treated - Green
    Stock Availability: 627 in stock
    £4.55 incl VAT