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    Premium Close Board Panel 1524mm (5')

    A heavy-duty Close Board Panel which is built to last. A sturdy option suitable for exposed, windy areas. Previously known as the Suffolk panel.

    Height: 1524mm (5')
    Width: 1829mm (6')

    - Fully pressure treated fence panels,
    - ex. 22 x 125mm Feather Edge slats with fine-sawn finish,
    - Sturdy jointed framework on the back of the panel,
    - Nailed construction; stainless steel fixings,
    - Finished and protected with a top capping strip,

    Our 125mm feather Edge Boarding will match these panels and can be purchased separately to make your own non-standard panel sizes if needed.
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    Introducing the Premium Close Board Panel 1524mm (5') - Elevate Your Boundaries with Lasting Strength!

    Discover the embodiment of enduring power with our 5' x 6' Close Board Fence Panel – formerly acknowledged as the Suffolk Panel. Meticulously designed for lasting performance and constructed for unwavering strength, this panel stands as a testament to resilience and contemporary versatility. Whether you face wind or weather, elevate your property's defenses with a panel that's synonymous with durability and unwavering protection.


    • Height: 1524mm (5')

    • Width: 1829mm (6')

    Key Highlights:

    Built to Last: A heavy-duty Close Board Panel meticulously designed for enduring performance, presenting a formidable barrier that's built to endure the test of time.

    Wind-Resistant Choice: Tailored for exposed and windy locations, this panel excels in providing steadfast sturdiness and steadfast protection against the elements.

    Formerly Known as Suffolk Panel: Renowned for its durability, the legacy of the panel prevails, modernized to meet contemporary needs while maintaining its robust reputation.

    Premium Feather Edge Slats: Exquisite ex. 22 x 125mm Feather Edge slats with a refined fine-sawn finish epitomize a blend of quality and elegance.

    Sturdy Back Framework: Enhanced with a robust jointed framework on the rear, this panel gains an additional layer of stability and strength.

    Precision Nailed Construction: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the panel is expertly assembled using stainless steel fixings for lasting stability.

    Protected with Excellence: Finished and secured with a top capping strip, the panel is fortified to ensure ongoing protection and maintain its visual appeal.

    Expand Your Vision: Our 125mm Feather Edge Boarding complements these panels, offering customization for non-standard sizes, allowing you to create the perfect fit for your unique requirements (available separately).

    Engineered for an enduring impact, elevate your property's defenses with the Premium Close Board Panel 1524mm (5'). Formerly known as the Suffolk Panel, its legacy of durability is modernized for today's needs. In exposed and windy locations, let it stand as your unwavering guardian, ensuring the longevity and safeguarding of your outdoor sanctuary.

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    Products specifications
    Shape of topFlat
    TreatmentPressure Treated
    Width1829mm (6')
    Height1524mm (5')
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